Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ooty Tea

Ooty is known for its tea. I really wanted to taste the Nilgiri Tea when I went there. Only there I realized that tea is actually not grown in Ooty but in Kotagiri and Coonoor. Though, there are few Tea factories in Ooty but that is just to attract tourists. I went to one of them (Near Hotel Sinclairs). It is good to understand how the tea is processed and to know the steps through which the tea leaves undergo before it reaches us but one thing that you should be aware of before going to this place. The tea that is served here is not the same that are in the packets meant for Sale. The tea that they serve is really good and I got few of them and all the flavors are horrible. To read more about place to visit in Ooty


Anonymous said...

We also visited the Ooty Tea factory last week. My friend made this very beautiful short movie about making tea at the tea factory in Ooty. Any idea how we can get it to them so that they can see it too?
Thanks Gertie Clabbers

Traveller said...

hmm.. i am not sure how to contact them.. may be you can ask some one visiting there again to get the contacts.. if you dont mind you can post it on my blog as well..

Gertie said...

Hi hereby the link to the youtube movie we made about the Teafactory ( We didn't find the contact details yet. Best Gertie and Harrie

Traveller said...

Hi Gertie,

Thanks for the video. I'll put the video on my website.

Regards :)